Transplant Teams

ABC Ambulance Services can provide transportation for the movement of Transplant Teams and Organs for Transplant to anywhere in the country. We can also provide ambulances for recipients of transplant organs.


Our Transplant teams use RRV's (Rapid Response Vehicles) to swiftly move human organs and specialised transplant teams across the country when timings are critical. A fast, safe response is required to ensure organs and teams are where they are when they need to be. ABC Ambulance Services understand implicitly the needs of transplant patients and the teams taking care of them.

Transplant patients

ABC Ambulance Services can also ensure the safe arrival of transplant patients by providing emergency response ambulances to quickly & safely deliver patients to required locations. Our ambulances are fully equipped to enable us to provide specialist care and our staff are trained and experienced in the transport of patients in a critical and timely manner.