Bariatric Transport Services

We have been responsive to the increase in the number of patients considered to be bariatric and in need of specialist assistance. Our newest service caters for the needs of the bariatric patient with key emphasis on safety, comfort and dignity. Our bariatric ambulance has a specialised stretcher, wheelchair and winch system.

We utilise specialist vehicles and equipment for this unique service and all of our crews are trained to be able to skillfully provide a safe, dignified and comfortable transport experience for our clients. Our staff and crews pride themselves on being able to provide this valued and dignified service with a focus on safety and comfort for clients at all times. Please contact us for more information if required.

Fully Equipped Fleet

ABC Ambulance Services recognise that, emergency services and bariatric patients to make attending Appointments safe and dignified. As such,our specially equipped Bariatric Care ambulances have fully trained staff and specialist bariatric handling equipment on board to ensure a safe journey.

Dignity & Care

We recognise that it isn't just specialist equipment which matters - staff training, experience and attitude is the key to ensuring a safe and dignified journey for the patient. ABC Ambulance Services are dedicated to providing a skilled and understanding service in this field to ensure our clients are comfortable from the start of their journey until they reach their destination.